Iced Tea


Tea is drunk all over the world.
But it is drunk in different ways, different thickness, different flavors, and even different temperatures.
That is what we are going to talk about today.
In the southern United States we like to drink our tea cold.
And not just cold, but with ice.

I know, I know, I know, the very idea of drinking tea cold sounds crazy.
But I promise American people are not insane.
In the south of America it is very, very, very hot.
Our temperatures can reach as high as a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, which is close to thirty-seven degrees Celsius, and our humidity can be up to 100 percent without raining.
Don't ask me how that's possible, but it is. So, it's not just hot, it is deathly hot.
It is so hot you can't get away from it.
And so, that is why if we were to drink our tea hot we would probably die.

So you might ask, “How on earth do you make this type of tea?” I'll tell you, it's very easy.
First, you bring water to a boil, then you add teabags. You want to add a lot of teabags because you want the tea to be concentrated, meaning very strong. Then you put a lid over the pot and let it sit for five minutes.
This is called seeping.
You remove the lid, take out the teabags, and gently drain them.
You add a cup of sugar and stir it in well. Now you are ready for the fun part. Pour your concentrate into a pitcher and add water until the pitcher is nearly full.
This is where you add the ice.
Add a lot of ice. Because it needs it.
It's not cold yet. Not cold enough yet.
After this, pour it into a cup that is filled to the brim with ice (yes, the cup needs to be filled with ice too) and enjoy.

Iced-tea must be sweet, especially in the South.
That is very, very important. However, in the north of America they also make iced-tea, but they don't make it with sugar. Which seems kind of pointless.
However, they seem to like it up there.
I have a story for you. When I lived in the North, I went to a restaurant, and I got iced-tea.
I expected it to be sweet and delicious.
Well, I was lucky, this time the iced-tea was sweet, but it was not tasty.
So, I stopped drinking iced-tea.
However, when I came back to the South I went to a restaurant and this time I decided to try iced-tea again. The flavor was perfect, the level of sugar was great.
That is because in the North they just don't know how to make iced-tea properly, and they don't need to, it's cold up there, they can drink hot tea. But for us, in the South, we have to know how to make our iced-tea right or else we will not be able to drink tea at all.

Iced-tea is a very special part of Southern culture, and it is because of the South that now iced-tea is becoming more popular in other parts of America. And not just any iced-tea, now sweet iced-tea, the proper iced-tea, is becoming popular as well.
In the South, if you want to be a good host or hostess you must always offer your guest a nice cold cup of sweet iced-tea.
If you visit the South of the United States and experience the hot weather here, I guarantee you are going to want a cup of cold sweet iced-tea as well. So, if you ever visit America, be sure to taste some sweet iced-tea, so that you'll be able to understand why it is one of the most popular drinks in the southern United States.

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