Traveling Americans Part 1


Americans, in general, don’t travel very much internationally, and this can lead some people to think that Americans are not very interested in other cultures, but this actually isn’t true. Today we are gonna talk about why Americans don’t travel very much internationally and if Americans really do care about other cultures.

The reasons why Americans don’t travel much out of the United States is not out of lack of interest, it is because it is just not very practical, and here are a few reasons why. Americans are actually quite interested in other cultures and they would travel more internationally if it were possible. However, for the average American traveling internationally is a huge commitment of both money and time.

America is a very large country. We have fifty states and each state has its own culture, its own personality. We have different regions of the United States and each region has its own climate, its own culture, its own nature. And so really Americans do not have to travel out of the United States to get a whole range of different types of nature or atmospheres. We have mountains, we have beaches, we have tropical islands. We have cold climates, we have hot climates, we have deserts. We have pretty much all of it, and all of it within our own country.

So, for most Americans instead of traveling to say Greece or Italy they go instead to Florida or Hawaii or they go to Alaska, if they want a very cold adventure, or they go to Colorado to go skiing up in the mountains. They don’t have to leave their country to basically experience any type of climate they would like.

Traveling Americans Part 2


The other barrier to traveling internationally is access and cost. The same barrier that kept the Americas from being discovered for so many years is still a barrier for us today. What am I talking about? The Atlantic Ocean!

Flying across the Atlantic Ocean is a very big deal. One ticket can cost up to a thousand dollars and at least several hundred dollars. Also, most Americans don’t have passports. So, in order to travel internationally, an American has to go through a several week to several month process of getting a passport. Also passports cost over a hundred dollars per person. So, if you have a large family, you have to pay several thousand dollars in tickets, several hundred dollars in passports, add on several hundred more dollars for visas, add on the amount of money you are going to need to pay for your hotels, for your transportation within the country that you’re going to be visiting. So it’s not a simple thing to visit another country for Americans because of all the money it takes and all the trouble it takes in order to travel internationally.

For this reason a lot of Americans just choose to pay for cheaper flights within their own country or don’t even fly and jump in their car and go on a road trip. A road trip is when you drive from one location to another location over the period of several days. This is how most Americans spend their vacations. Instead of going to another country, they go to another state that has a different culture or personality or environment than from where they live. So that they can relax and have a wonderful vacation.

Traveling Americans Part 3


The third reason Americans don’t travel very much internationally is we just don’t have that many countries near us. We have Canada to the north and Mexico to the south, that is it.

Let us compare America and Europe. America is part of North America, which literally has two countries on it, Canada and the United States (that is…if you don’t include Central America). Europe is also a continent, but on Europe you have many different countries. One country in Europe is about the same size as one state in the United States. And there’s a variety of climate and culture in Europe just like there’s a variety of climate and culture in the United States. Now, of course, the variety of culture is less in the United States, but the variety of climate is about the same. And so for this reason, if you would compare the amount of states an American has visited and the amount of countries a European has visited it’s going to be a very similar number.

It is not that Americans don’t like traveling, it’s just that for us it is much easier to travel from one state to another state just like in Europe it’s not difficult to travel from one European country to another European country.

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