Autumn in America Part 1


Hey guys welcome back.
Today we are going to be talking about the importance of fall in American culture. Believe it or not fall, the season, is a very important part of American culture. We have seasonal foods, we have seasonal drinks. We have seasonal activities. It’s a very special time, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.
So if you’re interested, just keep on watching.

You might ask, why is fall so important? What is the significance of this season? Why do Americans care so much about it?
One of the reasons is that during fall time we have two very big and special holidays. We have Halloween in October, and we have Thanksgiving in November. Each holiday has its own special food, candy, traditions and household decorations. So over time, the specialness, the decorations, everything about these holidays, spilled out into the rest of the season. Now I have my own personal theory.
America is a very young country and America has also been a very farming country, a homesteading country. Americans traditionally are very connected to farming. Now of course this is no longer true, but I think this fact has led to Americans caring a lot about harvest season and fall in general. I could be wrong, but that’s my theory.

Autumn in America Part 2


In America fall events and fairs are very common. During these events people will do fall themed activities, eat fall themed food, and generally enjoy the season.
One type of activity that people during the fall might do is called a corn maze. You make a corn maze by taking a corn field and cutting paths into it creating a maze. It can be a lot of fun.
Usually you will have such a corn maze at a harvest festival. Farms might also put on fall themed events. For example, a farm that sells pumpkins might might advertise that they have pumpkins, and that if people want to come and pick their own pumpkin or buy one from their farm, they can come and do so.
Farms with apple orchards might advertise that people can come and pick their own apples. Of course the people will have to pay for their apples, but it’s a very fun experience to get to go up into the trees and pick your own apples.

Autumn in America Part 3


Another way that people celebrate fall is they decorate their houses. People will decorate with wreaths, with garlands of fake leaves, with scarecrows, and with real and fake pumpkins. It can be a lot of fun to walk into someone’s house during fall time and see the creative decorations that they have put up. Another thing you would notice, if you walk into an American home during fall time, is the scents. Americans love fall scented candles. Some of the popular scents are leaves, yes fall leaves, pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and even, apple cider.

People will decorate their homes with different themes of fall. In September they will decorate with just generally fall themed items. In October people will bring out their Halloween themed decorations, all spooky stuff like ghosts and spider webs. In November people will bring out their thanksgiving decorations, focusing on being grateful and on harvest and on celebrating the produce that we have.

Even if someone doesn’t decorate very beautifully inside their home, you can be sure they will, at least, have something fall themed on their door.

Autumn in America Part 4


In America during fall time we also have special food. The spices nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves are often associated with fall time. Often, we will eat a lot of pumpkin and a lot of apples during this time as well.
Caramel is also a very common taste in fall themed foods. In America during this season it is common for people to bake pumpkin pies, apple pies, pumpkin breads apple breads, ginger breads, ginger cookies, and to make caramel apples.
If you go into a store in America during this time you can buy pieces of caramel that are flattened out so that you can wrap them around an apple and then bake them in the oven. They are very good.
If you come to America I highly recommend you try this delicious fall treat.

Even the most famous coffee shop in America has its own fall themed drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte.
If you haven’t heard of it already you are going to if you visit America during the fall. It’s quite famous. Another fall drink that’s a little more traditional is apple cider. Apple cider is sold in stores throughout America during the fall season.

In America fall is a special and very warm and sweet time. I highly recommend that if you come to America, and you come during the fall, to make the most of all America has to offer during this time.
We have some really awesome food, we have some really awesome decorations, and we have some really fun activities. So, come to America and enjoy fall.

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